Adventures of a redheaded missionary and her family in Argentina.

Sarah: Art Ministry

Sarah is currently working in the Art Ministry, known outside of YWAM as “Art’s Creative Heart”.  The purpose of this ministry is to use art and creativity in their many different forms of expression to worship Jesus Christ, the person of God. Our objective is to use art as a tool to take the good news to the nations, restore cultures to God and awaken in the church an understanding of the true value of art, its importance and use in God’s kingdom.

The Art Ministry works in the following areas:

  • theatre and clown presentations in churches, missionary services, government events, etc.
  • Argentinean Folklore and Tango presentations
  • presentations in children’s events
  • theatre presentations and debates in local schools, addressing current issues such as Eating Disorders, Abortion, Identity, Drugs, etc.
  • Visual Art Exhibits
  • Musical Comedy
  • Fashion Shows and with clothing and jewelry brands
  • Living Statues
  • and much more!

The Art Ministry also runs two different schools for missionary training, one is the “School of Art in Missions”, and the other is the “School of Fashion and Design in Missions”. More information about these schools can be found on:


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