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“Pedacito del Cielo” now up and running!

For many years, God has been laying a burden on my heart to pioneer a new ministry at the YWAM North base in Corrientes: a coffee shop, which then transformed into a bake shop, and has now become a “x” Shop… “X” being fill in the blanks God, tell me what you want us to do and sell in this space to reach the people of Corrientes with Your Word!!!!

In an effort to begin with this project, along with much prayer and seeking of His direction, I have also decided to begin with my own little start-up company, Pedacito del Cielo, (Little Piece of Heaven in English). This  will be a catering company specific to birthdays, 15-yr birthdays (a big deal in Latin cultures), weddings, and any other event. The product will be cupcakes, sugar cookies, brownies, etc. and I will also sell such “gringo” desserts at church events, special holidays, etc. This is all in an effort to begin raising funds and awareness for the project to be able to open in a physical spot downtown, with tables, chairs, coffee, some time in the near future.

Please pray for this project, that God will guide me to the right direction as to what to offer, when to open, where to open, and that He will also bring other people to the project. We will need a place to rent downtown, furniture for the shop space, coffee machines, dishes, oven, fridge, etc etc.


I am so excited about this first step and Pedacito del Cielo will be a great stepping stone to getting this project on the go! Blessings from Corrientes!


“PLENITUD COLLECTION” 5th Fashion and Art Show a terrific success!!

This past Thursday August 30 we held our 5th annual fashion and art show, which showcases two brands that are part of our art ministry as well as four new brands designed by our four fashion and design school students.

The fashion show was a wonderful success in our eyes because over 85 tickets were sold along with many unique and original designs. All present were able to enjoy some artistic performances as well as see the new collections for Spring/ Summer 2012. One of our missionaries shared a reflective word at the end of the show and many were touched by the message of hope and salvation.

Our four students graduated on Friday and two return to their homes to continue developing their talents and giftings to impact the fashion world with their personal brands. Lucky for us two of our students stay on with us to work in the art ministry and serve the Lord through full-time missions work, praise God!!!

Round two for fashion…..

Just in for 2012…. New craft page added and updates to ministry and family pages!

Happy 2012 everybody! I tried several times to blog before the new year but always got sidetracked… so this blog now comes a week into 2012 and a very hot start to our summer down here in Corrientes, Argentina! This week we are enjoying highs of 36-38°C…. thank the Lord that we were able to install air conditioning in our house a couple weeks back. It has been an amazing blessing to have an escape from the heat and a must for Isabella to sleep properlly, especially during her afternoon naps.

I have been feeling particularily “webby” since taking on the task of updating our YWAM base website while the regular girl is out on vacations. And since it is also a wordpress site, I’ve been getting quite good at changing and updating things so I thought I’d take a stab at my own site. Of course being the budget girl that I am, my site is a free one, so I don’t get all of the fancy bells and whistles but I did manage to add some videos to the Art Ministry page and the Family Life page for your viewing pleasure.

I also got back into my Cut Out and Keep account and updated some of my latest craft projects. These will all soon be available for you to check out on my new page, Controlled Chaos… My adventures in Crafts . I’ve been creating some diy laptop and tablet sleeves so I’ll try to post those ASAP as well for you to have a look at.

And as if that wasn’t enough, since January is a bit of a slower month ministry-wise (we are going every week to a needy neighbourhood and giving drama and value classes to the kids aged 5-12 that are on summer vacation) the missionaries at the YWAM North base that haven’t gone on vacations yet have been blessed by the Biblical Studies Ministry with a special seminar just for us! So all this week and next week we are learning the Inductive Method for studying the bible as well as diving into the book of 1 Thesalonians and a mystery book for next week. God has been speaking to me a lot this week through Paul’s letter to the Thesalonians and I am feeling very encouraged by his ministry and the Thesalonians growth for all that the Lord has planned this year in ministry work!!

The Graduation of a Truly Unique School

On Friday the 14th of October 2011 we held the closing ceremony for the Fashion and Design in Missions School. It is the first school of its kind in the University of the Nations and on an international YWAM level. We really consider it a privilege that God would entrust us with the task of making it a reality and without a doubt we have been witness to His immense faithfulness from its beginning to end!

The night of the graduation saw the 3 students from Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina each bring a close to an unforgettable stage of their lives.  Now off to work for, plan and dream about the next school which will open in the first half of 2012.

Upcoming schools at YWAM North, Corrientes, Argentina!!

SAM promo 2011_flyer eebi_

Chile earthquake and tsunami response…

Sarah traveled to Chile for two weeks to assist in response to the earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis. Along with other other teams, she worked in the distrubition of homemade bread, clothing and other basic necesities. The teams also assited 7 families in the reconstruction of their homes after the damage caused by the earthquake left them in dangerous conditions. Many families were left homeless and are waiting for small premade wooden houses from the government. To see photos of the work Sarah’s team did in Chile, visit: