Adventures of a redheaded missionary and her family in Argentina.

This past weekend eight members of our art ministry traveled to the city of Garuhape in the province of Misiones to present our musical comedy Welandia in an event for Children’s Month. We were overjoyed to learn that over 900 children and 400 adults attendedthe event, an AMAZING turnout for this 10 000 inhabitant town!!!! We were so blessed to see the smiles on these little faces and to be part of yet another event planned solely to bring joy to children during their special month.

The sewing machines continue whizzing as our six international designers (from Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina) work on their Spring/Summer 2012 collections for our 5th annual fashion show. This year the show is called Plenitud Collection and is inspired by the fullness of God and features prominent details and pieces in gold. We are so excited for this show and to see the creativity and original pieces that will be presented on the runway on Thursday, August 30 in one of Corrientes’ most influential hotels, Gran Hotel Guaraní.

….. Bella enjoying a warm winter day with her best friend Lady!!!


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