Adventures of a redheaded missionary and her family in Argentina.

We have had a great start to this year, and we feel so blessed by everything that God had prepared for us during these first few months of 2010. After arriving from Brazil we have both been helping out in the February semester Discipleship Training School (D.T.S.) in our base. Rafa gave a number of classes and Sarah also had the opportunity to teach a class and also continues to translate many of the D.T.S. and Biblical Studies school classes for the English-speaking students. She is also teaching dramas to the D.T.S. students that they will be able use when they go on the practical part of their school.

While preparing for the Biblical Studies school that started on March 8 (with three Argentinean and two American students), Rafa took a short trip to the Argentinean province of Santa Fe where he was invited to teach and preach in a youth conference. He also traveled to Buenos Aires where he took part in a special Crisis Response conference for teams that will go out to crisis areas (such as earthquake zones, etc.).

Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond our control, the School of Art in Missions was not opened this year but God has opened up doors for other opportunities during this time! The Art Ministry is presenting in several high-profile art expositions in galleries in different provinces and preparing a musical comedy for later on in the year. We are thrilled for this opportunity to not only meet new contacts for future presentations but to bless others through the abilities that God has entrusted to us.

We have been greatly blessed by friends of ours that have lent us their couch and washing machine while they are in Chile for the next year, this is extra special for us!


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