Adventures of a redheaded missionary and her family in Argentina.


Art’s Creative Heart- August and September update

There is so much to share about what we have been doing in with our art company in the last month and a half! August in Argentina is when everyone celebrates Children’s Day. Our clown group, was invited by the government of Corrientes to participate in several festivals for kids throughout the city (medical clinics, neighbhourhood parks, etc.). As some may recall, the theatre company that I work with was preparing to present a play to the principal theatre in Corrientes. Well… the proposal was accepted!!! Unfortunately, the theatre’s calendar is completely booked for this year, but the play

"The Blue Seal" is on the roster to be presented in the theatre sometime next April (rehearsals will continue from now until then). In the mean time, the art group is taking on another enormous challenge… We are organizing a creative fashion show for Saturday, December 13. This brings many unique challenges because it is the first step in to the world of fashion (a world that is tainted by Anorexia, Bulimia, Comparison, Discrimination, etc.) and we are going to try to present a unique and one-of-a-kind catwalk. If you would like more details, please see write me or see the website for YWAM North, Corrientes ( I have just finished modelling with two other members of our team (last night- see previous blog entry) for the first stage of this fashion adventure along with several other contestants’ models and that in itself is a whole new ball-game! Along with all of the rehearsals, I have also been keeping busy with presentations in local churches, nightly tango classes two times a week, and even had time to travel outside of the province to give a theatre seminar and present in a Spring youth congress. As if that wasn’t enough, the biggest challenge is yet to come because I am preparing to take a 5-month performing arts school that starts in April, 2008 (the goal for the 2 months of practical is to visit Holland and England and work mainly in dance).


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