Adventures of a redheaded missionary and her family in Argentina.


This is going to be a quick entry as I have to run back to the school in ten minutes to work on my bible study.  But I wanted to say hi to you all and let you know that I’m still here, still alive, still kicking.  God’s been working a lot of my heart here, I actually havent been doing too much (besides studying, working and going to the centro on days off) but the change in my being is impressing even me.  Unfortunately, its impressing and depressing.  Because there is alot of stuff going on here that is also very high school, especially with other english speaking girls.  I dont want anyone to worry but the Lord is just teaching me that He is enough, and that He is, and I’m here for Him.  I will of course elaborate more later, but I really just wanted to say hi and I miss you ALL incredibly.  All my friends at quest, my small group girls (big time!!!!!!!!! its hard for me not to compare life here to life with you guys), and of course my family, including my Grandma, my Grandpa, Sadie, Mom, Dad and Rick, and all the other great people in my life.  I love and miss all of you, so know that I am working hard, outside and in, its intense, but I know the brokeness and submission that comes out of this is for the best.  Even on days (like yesterday) when I’m crying and sad, I still have this great peace.  So hugs and kisses.  Until next time. 🙂

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  1. Well my beautiful sister, life is definately not an easy ride sometimes is it? Just remember that you\’re a beaufitul, smart, witty, incredibly intelligent, and fantastic person and good things come to good people like you.Don\’t let petty things bother you and remember that you\’re a bigger person. Not that I have to remind you of this.Remember to take care of yourself and don\’t forget to recharge your energy with things that you love. Things that are as simple as reading a book or writing a letter or even practicing martial arts. I\’m sure you have a lot of things that you love that can make you happy in order to recharge, by ensuring that you\’re full of energy will help you through lonely times and those hard times too.You\’re doing a great service to your faith and to yourself by being strong and independent and also keeping true to what you believe in. I\’m very proud to call you my sister and to have you in my life. I do miss you very much and can\’t wait untill I can give you a big hugg and kiss. I\’m confident that you\’ll make this world a better place and that you will be the very best at what-ever you put your mind to.I love you very much Sarah and I think that you\’re a much bigger person than me for doing what you\’re doing.Next time you\’re crying or the next time that you\’re sad just think about all those sweet and soft memories that make you smile and think about the all of the people that love you and are standing behind you.Miss you my pretty little sister, and again I love you very much.Take care,Your bro – Rick

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