Adventures of a redheaded missionary and her family in Argentina.

Holy frijoles!

Sorry everyone that its been so long since I’ve last posted.  Understandably I hope, I have been extremely busy preparing for this trip and of course still working like a dog.  This next week is going to be eight days long but I’ve already got through two so thats very encouraging.

Baptism was a blast, beautiful and of course I balled like a baby, I should have pics of that up hopefully next week sometime as well as some other ones of my girls (I just have to get them off a friend’s camera) and then those might be the last uploads of pics for a bit as I’ve decided not to buy a digi camera.  TOO EXPENSIVE!  Back to baptism, it was so good, my Mom, Dad, brother and Grandparents came and my oh my, it just felt so cleansing and I know that I made a lot of people proud and happy and mostly the one that counts, I know, was happy.

Then my birthday was on Thursday (can you think of a better birthday gift than the night before?) and I got some calls from a few people who I don’t get to talk to alot.  Some people that I miss but I really appreciate them calling me, and they know who they are.  Birthday partae was on Friday night and although it didn’t go as late as my last one (4am with a not-so-sober Sarah kicking people out of the house) it was really fun and I visited with a lot of my good friends.  Plus I went to a cabin (Sarah’s, it was awesome!!!) so getting up early the next day after the party wasn’t as painful as it could have been.  The cabin was GREAT, gorgeous weather, tanning, zip-ling (that was fun, why do I alwasy have to be the guinea pig??) and LOTS of junk food.  Plus I didn’t have to do my hair all weekend, man I would love having these girls as my private stylists!  We did the lilac fest on Sunday night and then its just been working since then.  CRAZY MAN.

I also finally got to the doctors and GASP! the dentist too, they kindly reminded me how long its been since my last visit.  So one more visit to fix something that could become a problem in the next six months and thats it, but no more scraping of the teeth, YAY!

SO needless to say I am getting very excited, anxious, its great! I just cannot wait to go, but I’m going to miss people sooo much.  On the upside with six days of work left it is keeping me busy enough that I’m not going insane with details, tho I REALLY want to pack NOW and I know its too early.  So sorry if I havn’t called some of you, but really, YOU CAN CALL ME.  Our conversation doesn’t have to drop off the face of the earth just because I can’t call you.  Thats all I have time for now, I’m out the door for some good r ‘n r time with the girls and then back to work tomorrow.  CC, if you are reading this, gimme a call and we can get together hun.  Jess, you too, sorry I havn’t called you girl, but.. read above, heh, seriously I know how busy we both are.  But we GOTTA get together before I leave.  Which is in 13 days!!!  OH MY GOSH, I am just, ya, wow, can’t wait.  Catch y’all on the flip side.


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