Adventures of a redheaded missionary and her family in Argentina.

For those of you that like to know what we do here in Corrientes, Argentina while serving at the Youth With A Mission base, here is our latest update video….. Blessings!


For many years, God has been laying a burden on my heart to pioneer a new ministry at the YWAM North base in Corrientes: a coffee shop, which then transformed into a bake shop, and has now become a “x” Shop… “X” being fill in the blanks God, tell me what you want us to do and sell in this space to reach the people of Corrientes with Your Word!!!!

In an effort to begin with this project, along with much prayer and seeking of His direction, I have also decided to begin with my own little start-up company, Pedacito del Cielo, (Little Piece of Heaven in English). This  will be a catering company specific to birthdays, 15-yr birthdays (a big deal in Latin cultures), weddings, and any other event. The product will be cupcakes, sugar cookies, brownies, etc. and I will also sell such “gringo” desserts at church events, special holidays, etc. This is all in an effort to begin raising funds and awareness for the project to be able to open in a physical spot downtown, with tables, chairs, coffee, some time in the near future.

Please pray for this project, that God will guide me to the right direction as to what to offer, when to open, where to open, and that He will also bring other people to the project. We will need a place to rent downtown, furniture for the shop space, coffee machines, dishes, oven, fridge, etc etc.


I am so excited about this first step and Pedacito del Cielo will be a great stepping stone to getting this project on the go! Blessings from Corrientes!

I thought about writing my own Easter reflection this year, but stumbled across this special letter and decided to share it. I feel that it sums up much of my own personal thoughts at this time of year, and I hope that you too can identify with it. HAPPY EASTER.

Jesus easter eggs

During a recent discussion with a friend, she articulated her feelings about Christianity by making the statement, “I am more of a “God” person–not really a “Jesus” person.” She went on to relate that she identified more with God than with Christ, even though she still considered herself a Christian.

Sadly, I knew exactly what she meant. I thought of the numerous times in the past where I have felt uncomfortable upon hearing someone exclaim, “Praise Jesus!” Or when I witnessed someone praying out loud, “Help me, Jesus.” And I have to ask myself: why should their obviously-close relationship with Christ create an awkward situation for me? Shouldn’t praying to Jesus be just as natural as praying to God?

I have often been guilty of falling back on God rather than referring to an active, living relationship with Christ. This conversation with my friend got me to thinking—have we become so “politically correct” that even amongst ourselves as Christians, we find it is easier to talk about “God” rather than “Jesus”?

And as we approach Easter—the central foundation of our Christian faith… the day that Christ rose from the dead… the day that we celebrate the LIVING Christ—shouldn’t it be a day that we confirm Christ living in US? On this Holy Day, I think it is important to ask ourselves, “Are we keeping Christ alive in our lives?”

“My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. I am not one of those who treats Christ’s death as meaningless…” ~ Galatians 2:20-21

I reviewed the following definitions of “Alive”…

  • alert and animated,
  • having interest and meaning,
  • to be aware of and interested in,
  • prevalent and very active,
  • continuing to be supported or in use

…and I wondered if I could use them to describe my relationship with Christ. Is our connection, “alert, animated, prevalent, meaningful, active, in use?” Or is what I experience with Christ different—even something less than that? Why?

What does Christ’s Life, Death, and Resurrection really mean to our daily lives?

If we experience the Risen Christ, can we actually go on with our lives as if things are the same as before? Were our old selves truly “crucified with Christ”? And why has the phrase, “born again” become symbolic with fundamentalism? Aren’t all Christians “born again”? Would we describe ourselves in this way, or perhaps more significantly—why don’twe?

The words to this song by the popular Atlanta Christian group Third Day speak poetically of this very transformation:

“Well today I found myself, after searching for all these years. And the man that I saw, wasn’t at all who I thought he’d be.
I was lost when you found me here. I was broken beyond repair. Then you came along and you sang a song over me.
It feels like I’m born again. It feels like I’m living. For the very first time, I’m living for the first time.
It feels like I’m breathing. It feels like I’m moving. For the very first time; I’m living for the first time, in my life.”

Now that is what I call having “interest and meaning, being active and alive” in Christ. And perhaps that is the key—to harken back to our baptism and to be “Born Again.” Maybe that is the only way to keep Christ truly ALIVE in our lives.

So this Easter, as we approach the altar and partake of the “body and blood” of our Living Savior, let us all remember to let Christ live in us. Let us not be one of those who treats Christ’s death as meaningless. Let his death and his resurrection be significant events not only in our religious lives, but in our daily lives as well.

Let the Paschal greeting resonate with us: “Christ is Risen!” And let us always answer with enthusiasm—by our words and especially in our lives—”Christ is Risen, Indeed!”

Deborah J. Thompson is a writer, artist and Stephen Minister. Her articles are published by and “The Fish” family of Christian radio station websites around the country. She shares “Reflections” on Life andMarriage on her website, And she is working on her first book, Your Life, Your Choice, which gives 5 simple steps to harness the power of your choices and bring more Love, Joy and Peace into your life. Join her on  Facebook and Twitter/InspireReflect.

Original publication date: March 30, 2010

Isabella and I (Sarah) have just returned from a 4-week long trip to Brazil with the Art Ministry and theatre company “Art’s Creative Heart”. We were a team of 18 people, and now that the team members who are married have come back, the other 10 continue to minister in northern Sao Paulo in a city called Votuporanga.

During the 3 1/2 weeks that we were in Sao Paulo (in the cities of Campinas and Monte Mor) we reached our to Brazilian children, youth and adults, through artistic presentations, door-to-door and one-on-one evangelism, and through supporting local churches. We visited many favelas inviting children and parents to attend our musical comedy, Welandia, which they did each time as well as presenting the comedy and our other play “The Search” in several primary and high schools. Our team evangelized through drama and clown plays in evangelism events as well as speaking with prostitutes out on the street. We went door-to-door handing out bibles and spoke to anyone who would listen about God’s love for the lost.

This really was a remarkable trip and it would take a long time to explain and detail all that God did. God’s faithfulness is never ending and even reached out to Isabella in caring for her health (she got sick several time on the trip) and providing top-notch medical attention, medication, diapers, milk and even new dolls. The Brazilian people are so hospitable and welcoming and make you feel like you are a part of their family. I am so thankful to have been a part of this trip and for all that the Lord is doing in Brazil!!!

This past Thursday August 30 we held our 5th annual fashion and art show, which showcases two brands that are part of our art ministry as well as four new brands designed by our four fashion and design school students.

The fashion show was a wonderful success in our eyes because over 85 tickets were sold along with many unique and original designs. All present were able to enjoy some artistic performances as well as see the new collections for Spring/ Summer 2012. One of our missionaries shared a reflective word at the end of the show and many were touched by the message of hope and salvation.

Our four students graduated on Friday and two return to their homes to continue developing their talents and giftings to impact the fashion world with their personal brands. Lucky for us two of our students stay on with us to work in the art ministry and serve the Lord through full-time missions work, praise God!!!

This past weekend eight members of our art ministry traveled to the city of Garuhape in the province of Misiones to present our musical comedy Welandia in an event for Children’s Month. We were overjoyed to learn that over 900 children and 400 adults attendedthe event, an AMAZING turnout for this 10 000 inhabitant town!!!! We were so blessed to see the smiles on these little faces and to be part of yet another event planned solely to bring joy to children during their special month.

The sewing machines continue whizzing as our six international designers (from Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina) work on their Spring/Summer 2012 collections for our 5th annual fashion show. This year the show is called Plenitud Collection and is inspired by the fullness of God and features prominent details and pieces in gold. We are so excited for this show and to see the creativity and original pieces that will be presented on the runway on Thursday, August 30 in one of Corrientes’ most influential hotels, Gran Hotel Guaraní.

….. Bella enjoying a warm winter day with her best friend Lady!!!